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Always Accurate by TouchPoints

You'll always have the most current and accurate information for your customers or donors.

What Is Always Accurate by TouchPoints?

Always Accurate ensures your company always has the most current and accurate information for your customers or donors. 


This service provides ongoing monitoring for all of your customer or donor records, proactively notifying you when any information has changed.

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Great data lead to great results.

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How Does Always Accurate Work?

Starting with your initial update, Always Accurate scans hundreds of the highest quality data sources to monitor the six key elements of every customer and donor profile.

When anything changes, you will be provided with the updated information. You never need to worry about it again.

Secure. Reliable. Covers over 95% of U.S. households.

Six Key Data Elements Included In Always Accurate

Legal Name




Full Name


Phone Number


Deceased Screening


Postal Address

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Email Address



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