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Proprietary Data For VIP Donors 

Donor-Advised Fund Screening

Let TouchPoints do the heavy lifting and reveal which of your donors have this unique capacity

Great data lead to great results.

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DAF Donors Are Your Most Valuable Donors

  • Even during times of financial uncertainty, DAF funds remain available and must be distributed to a qualified charity

  • The average DAF gift is $4,4000

  • DAF donors can establish recurring donations directly from their DAF account

  • The remaining balance of a DAF can be designated to a charity as a legacy gift

  • 79% of DAF donors actively volunteer

Identifying Which Of Your Donors Have A DAF

Over the last decade of building premium data solutions for nonprofit organizations, TouchPoints has developed a reputation for being the go-to resource for tackling the most difficult data problems.  As donor-advised funds have become increasingly popular among donors, many of our long-term clients asked if we could create a solution to identify these giving vehicles.
Our team has developed a proprietary solution that uses publicly available information, such as annual reports, press releases, blog posts, news articles, community foundation sites, and other resources, to identify which of your donors have a DAF or used their DAF to make a donation to other charities. 

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Case Study #1

A large children's hospital partnered with TouchPoints to screen over 350,000 of their existing donors who had not used a DAF to make a gift.

TouchPoints revealed 1.5% of these donors had a DAF, with an estimated total value of over $600 million.


"We’ve worked with TouchPoints on a number of fronts, and have been impressed by their quick turnaround of excellent data at high match rates. Their work helps our clients more efficiently target communications to known constituents, and in other cases TouchPoints has helped us find new data that we couldn’t get anywhere else."

- Matt Gerken, American Philanthropic

Case Study #2

A consortium of private schools partnered with TouchPoints to identify which of their repeat donors may have a DAF. TouchPoints uncovered 1.9% of these annual gift supporters had a donor-advised fund.

The organization used these insights to assign the individuals to the major gifts department in order to cultivate these donors for both near-term leadership gifts and long-term legacy gifts.

Interested in screening your donors to uncover DAFs?

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