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10 most unique data requests of the year

At TouchPoints, we love that our clients and partners come to us with their most challenging data needs, because we specialize in unique data and enjoy collaborating on creative data solutions to business problems. As part of our 2016 year end reviews, we asked our team to submit some of the most unique/unusual data requests that we’ve successfully fulfilled for clients looking to acquire new customers.  Here are some of our 2016 highlights:

  • Car “owners” with three months or less remaining on their loan/lease

  • Eagle Scouts in the USA

  • Active members of a specific union in southeastern Florida

  • All corn farmers in Minnesota

  • Everyone eligible to vote in Colombia

  • Asian-Americans between 21-35 who like to gamble and live within 60 miles of a casino

  • People who have paid accounts/made a purchase in the last 12 months on Hulu, Netflix, Roku, or Apple TV using actual purchase data, not surveys or inferences

  • Collectors interested in vintage athletic apparel

  • US military veterans who are 60+ years old and have donated $100 or more to support disaster relief causes within the last 3 years

  • Tech savvy Americans that are thinking about buying or selling a house

The way we typically approach a prospective client who is interested in lead acquisition is to ask them for the exact criteria they want, no matter how implausible they think it might be, and then we work to get as close to that ideal as we can.

We love a good challenge, and are always happy to brainstorm, so feel free to send us anything on your Data Wish List.

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