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Finally Closing The Loop

Social Media Identity Resolution

Engage with your social fans across other channels, such as email, direct mail, and more.

Stop buying poorly performing lists for customer acquisition campaigns.


Instead, market directly to your (or your competitors' 🤯) social followers and fans via direct mail and email.


What is Social Media Identity Resolution?

For the first time ever, Social Media Identity Resolution by TouchPoints enables your marketing team to close the social media loop. Whether you want to be able to contact your most active social engagers via other marketing channels, or you want to target competitive or complementary brands' social followers, TouchPoints makes it possible.


Finally, you can communicate with your best social fans via direct mail and email.


Commonly Requested Social Platforms

  • Facebook

  • FourSquare

  • GitHub

  • Instagram

  • LinkedIn

  • Pinterest

  • Twitter

  • Yelp

  • Black Yelp Icon
  • Black LinkedIn Icon
  • Black Facebook Icon
  • Black Twitter Icon
  • Black Pinterest Icon
  • Black Instagram Icon

Identify Your Social Followers.

Identify Your Competitors' Followers.

Data That Can Be Derived From Social Handles

Legal Name




Full Name


Phone Number




Postal Address

stencil (2).png

Email Address



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