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Major Gift & Planned Giving Intelligence

Donor-advised funds, donors without children, net-worth, exisiting estate planning, and more

What is Major Gift and Planned Giving Intelligence?

Major Gift and Planned Giving Intelligence is a comprehensive package of nine key data elements used to upgrade and enhance your major gifts and planned giving programs.
Utilizing TouchPoints' proprietary data assets, enrichments include donor-advised fund screening, donors without children screening, wealth and debt insights, and property ownership and valuation data.

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Great data lead to great results.

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How Does Major Gift and Planned Giving Intelligence Work?

TouchPoints undertakes a comprehensive analysis of your known donor universe to uncover unknown major gift and estate giving opportunities.

Donor records are securely returned with enriched profile data, and include the nine key data elements listed below, as available.

Secure. Reliable. Covers over 95% of U.S. households.

Nine Key Data Elements Included In Major Gift & Planned Giving Intelligence


Donor-Advised Fund (DAF)




# of Residential Properties Owned


Donors Without Children


Home Value


# of Commercial Properties Owned




Current Home Equity


Exisiting Estate Planning

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