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Is Data The Dirty Secret Keeping Your Company From Achieving Its Goals?

Dirty data is expensive. In fact, outdated or inaccurate data costs businesses in the United States up to 3.1 trillion dollars each year.

Why is it important to update your database?

Up to 32% of records become outdated each year. For businesses, this means falling out of touch with customers, expensive mailers being returned unsent, and ultimately, the inability to reach crucial marketing benchmarks. This problem is also a huge drain on manpower. According to the Harvard Business Review, analysts spent 50% of their time searching for data errors and otherwise trying to rectify inconsistencies within their databases.

What’s causing your data to be inaccurate?

Human error is a major factor. In a recent study, Experian found that it accounted for up to 60% of dirty data. This can include misspelled names and duplicate records, among other issues. Customers also move or change their email addresses.

Here’s the good news: updating your data is easier than you think!

With Always Accurate by TouchPoints, the industry’s premium data monitoring service, you’ll receive automatically updated records from your clients including name, postal address, phone number, deceased, birthday, and email. Most importantly, you’ll know that you are actually reaching the customers who are most important to you.

We invite you to see what we’re all about at and say hello!

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