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TouchPoints Joins The Nonprofit Alliance

TouchPoints is excited to announce that it has officially joined The Nonprofit Alliance network. This latest news aligns with TouchPoints’ ongoing commitment to helping charitable organizations locate and connect with qualified donors for better, more sustainable fundraising outcomes.

What is TNPA?

Formed in 2018, The Nonprofit Alliance - or TNPA for short - bills itself as “the voice of nonprofits to promote, protect, and strengthen the philanthropic sector.”

In the United States alone, individual donors are responsible for nearly 80% of nonprofit giving. With each donation, these individuals demonstrate their trust that the organization(s) they support will adhere to the highest standards of effectiveness and transparency.

TNPA members take this trust seriously and recognize that partnerships between nonprofits and generous donors are ultimately what enable meaningful change in this world.

Who are its members?

Members of TNPA are part of a unified collective working together to strengthen our sector and make a true and lasting impact. These members include nonprofit organizations based in the U.S., as well as several international nonprofit organizations. Membership also includes certain third party commercial partners, such as TouchPoints, that help further the reach and increase the impact of nonprofits.

What are its goals?

The alliance is committed to doing whatever is necessary to ensure that nonprofits continue to have the resources and influence they need in order to thrive. TNPA members share the same universal goals:

  • Combine individual nonprofits into a single, stronger alliance

  • Represent and uphold the best interests of nonprofits in federal and state legislative matters

  • Provide educational and professional development opportunities that promote engagement, innovation, and inspiration.

  • Increase trust in the nonprofit sector by upholding our standards of ethics and accountability

  • Engaging donors, members, and beneficiaries through a variety of integrated channels

  • Celebrate a community of professionals who have dedicated their lives to uplifting others

Upcoming Events

TNPA hosts a number of community events, including The Essential Leadership Lab, a virtual program through which members can engage in real-time thinking and discussions about the topics, issues, and opportunities that impact the health of nonprofits today. There are also a number of other popular events that run throughout the year, including the Direct Marketing Accelerator, Faith & Fundraising Conference, and an annual leadership summit.

These days, there is an ever-increasing reliance on nonprofits to address problems in this world. As a result, the nonprofit sector is experiencing tremendous growth. While each individual organization may have its own mission, we all share a collective responsibility to protect, promote, and strengthen our

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