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Join us for a special APRA session on October 6th

Session 3: Using TouchPoints to Prepare for a Campaign

Illinois Wesleyan University completed a comprehensive wealth screening to prepare for a campaign. The next step was to complete a thorough data append to update biographical data and employment data. We also wanted to learn more about our major gift prospects but as a small school, we were limited with human and financial resources. We'll be discussing how TouchPoints helped us select the appropriate data points, such as a matching gift indicator, donor advised fund indicator, and an indicator for those without children, to not only update our biographical data but to also segment the data and enhance communication tactics.

Speaker Bios:

Kara Mehrkens, Associate Director of Prospect Research, Prospect Management, and Data Analytics, Illinois Wesleyan University.

Kara Mehrkens is the Associate Director of Prospect Research, Prospect Management, and Data Analytics at Illinois Wesleyan University where she has been for five years. Before working at IWU, Kara was most recently a stay-at-home mom and also an accountant at Illinois State University and Special Olympics Illinois. She currently serves as Treasurer at Apra-IL. Connect with her via LinkedIn.

Matt LoPresti, Partner, TouchPoints

Matt LoPresti is a partner at TouchPoints, a premium data company helping nonprofit organizations ensure they have the most complete, comprehensive, and accurate donor data available. TouchPoints analyzes and fuses billions of on-line and off-line data elements to break through traditional silos, create holistic identity profiles, and provide insights and understanding that allow its clients to have personalized conversations with their constituents at scale.

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